013 – wallpaper.


Wallpaper, crowd-sourced
Smooth white paper with water-activated adhesive backing. Removable.
Width: 24 in (61 cm)
Length: 12 ft (3.7 meters)
Produced by AANDERSSON in USA


The AANDERSSON wallpaper series utilizes thousands of anonymous digital drawing submissions collected at aandersson.net/flowers to create wallpaper with vast and dynamic visual characteristics. Patterns in this collection focus on six content types: dots, flowers, lines, shapes, vases, and fruits. Contrary to traditional wallpaper, there is never a repeat in the pattern and every dot, line, flower, etc… is never used more than once, allowing for a potentially endless wall filled with thousands of unique elements.

The crowdsourcing space at aandersson.net is an ever-evolving platform looking for ways to bridge the gap between the everyday person and the designer. By highlighting the individual and collective expressions of the contributors, this project aims to help us discover patterns and quirks in the way we all communicate our visual expressions.